Credit Card Portfolio Valuation
What is our portfolio worth?

Your credit card portfolio is an asset with significant value. Many financial institutions need to understand that value in order to make important strategic decisions. We'll utilize our 22+ years of experience to put pen to paper and determine what your portfolio is worth on the open market. There are several things that affect the value of your card portfolio.

  • Charge offs
  • Delinquencies
  • Regional economics such as unemployment and foreclosures
  • Financial history
  • Potential cardholder growth
  • Current pricing sturcture
  • Balances, credit limits and purchase volume

Brookwood has worked with closely with all the major portfolio buyers and understands how to determine the value of a card portfolio. Unlike many other advisors, Brookwood has no affiliation with any buyer, so you can be sure we will work to determine the most realistic and true value possible.

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Portfolio Valuation Brochure (PDF)