Affinity and Co-branding
Offer your members the best possible products.

Many of today’s largest credit card issuers have realized significant growth and profitability through programs with affinity and co-brand groups. However, this is changing rapidly and a majority of these groups are not in a position to understand the value of their card programs and may not be receiving an equitable share of the value their programs create.

Brookwood brings a strong background in developing and operating affinity co-brand programs.

This includes:

  • Extensive relationships with the industry's leading affinity and co-brand program issuers.
  • The knowledge to distribute RFPs to card processors.
  • A thorough understanding of affinity financial metrics— which programs are attractive, which are not, and why.
  • Expertise in negotiating affinity card agreements on behalf of Brookwood clients.

We can help you understand how valuable your group endorsement is to a credit card issuer. Brookwood is prepared to help your group get the most out of your credit card program opportunities.

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