Ongoing Support
You don't have to go it alone.

If you already have a credit card portfolio or if you have decided to enter or re-enter this business, execution will be very important. Brookwood's extensive knowledge of the credit card business can help you develop and manage your credit card program successfully. This can include a complete review of your current program and process including pricing philosophies, profitability goals, risk management philosophies, growth plans, funding requirements and credit card account servicing. Brookwood can work with management to bring state-of-the-art rewards products, competitive pricing analysis, risk vs. reward discussions and a full survey of credit processors (including an RFP process and negotiating the best price).

Brookwood can help design marketing programs, create realistic 5 year goals for number of cards, outstanding balances, purchase volume and profitability for five years. Brookwood can also help improve the infrastructure at your card program including creating job descriptions, recruiting, interviewing and recommending people for hire for key positions.

Once the program overhaul is complete, Brookwood can provide management with quarterly reports showing actual vs. goal, product profitability, comparison to peer groups and overall program performance - all with simple charts and in simple English. We can help in any or every aspect of running a successful credit card program.

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