About Us
Brookwood's Experience

Brookwood’s principals and staff bring decades of experience to our business. We have had direct experience managing large credit card businesses and bring the resulting understanding of marketing, credit risk, service and profitability dynamics. Over the past 20 years, our staff has developed some of the industry’s best known agent and third-party endorsed relationships.

We have:

  • Assisted credit unions and banks enter the credit card business.
  • Helped credit unions and community banks re-invent their card business to make it more current and valuable to their cardholders.
  • Established hundreds of agent bank relationships, and
  • Developed affinity and cobrand programs.
  • Closed many credit card portfolio transactions, including some of the industry’s highest-profile deals

We work with a variety of issuing associations and credit card servicing organizations, ensuring that we are always in the position to find the best solution for any client need.

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