Merchant Services Programs
Merchants are the backbone of our economy!

Success in Merchant Services today requires advanced technology, aggressive pricing, high levels of service and risk management expertise; it is difficult for smaller banks to compete with the industry leaders over the long term.

The top ten merchant acquirers process the majority of all sales volume, which gives these large national players a huge competitive advantage. As a result, many financial institutions have either exited the business or have partnered with national merchant specialists to gain scale, technology and customer service/risk enhancements.

In today's world, merchant card services are rarely a core strength at financial institutions. If you are in this business, Brookwood can help you look at future paths which will optimize your profitability and improve service to your merchant customers. Brookwood can help determine whether merchant processing is a core competency or if redeploying your merchant resources makes strategic sense. Brookwood will provide:

  • Trend analysis
  • Profitability modeling
  • Business valuation
  • Risk assessment
  • Partnership options

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